Why Should Employers Include Art Workshop On Their Leisure Activities?

Art workshops can be conducted to employees as well.
September 23, 2019
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40% of the workers are extremely stressed with their jobs, according to the statistics of The American Institute Stress. Aside from providing recognition at their office work, allowing flexi-time, and remote work to the employees, employers should include an art workshop as part of their leisure activities. Holding an art workshop once a week will help the employers relieve their stress because of art's numerous benefits to mankind.

Here are three effective ways of how art affects the mood of a man in a positive way. First, the painting workshop helps a kid in improving their fine and gross motor skills and decision-making skills according to the website of kidsu.ca. As what painting can do to kids is also possible for stressed employees as well. Painting helps improve decision-making skills by choosing what colors to use and blend. Gross motor skills can be fine-tuned in painting by using paintbrush and hands to move over and over again. These two skills are crucial to employees. These skills are what makes the employees endure their work and be the best in their fields.

Painting, Nik Macmillan

Finished painting from the workshop held can be sold in front of their building or inside the gallery. An office clerk from Social Security System said that their office is holding an art workshop every week and they had the chance to showcase and sell their works in their mini gallery. This kind of activity helps add intrinsic motivation, an intangible motivation like praise from a co-worker and honorary certification. With the increase of intrinsic motivation, happy hormones are released from a person which gives him to do his office work well when the next Monday comes.

Seeing finished artworks, igor miske

It is vital to add art workshop into leisure activities because it is therapeutic to stressed employees. Art affects employees' mood in a positive way. It helps the employees release their happy hormones through painting and getting motivation from finished artwork. Self-expression is the key to a happy lifestyle.

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Originally written in June 2019.

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